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Having a top-notch law firm website has never been so easy.​

A LOT goes into a top-notch law firm website. It takes admin center tools to manage your lawyer/practice information, user-friendly front-end features to help visitors find the right information, a fast hosting infrastructure, robust security systems, speed optimizations, and ongoing maintenance and support.

We should know, we’ve built and managed dozens of websites for firms of all sizes for over a decade. We developed a complete platform of website features, admin tools, hosting infrastructure, and security/maintenance processes and refined it over and over with each new site or turn of the industry.

Our platform bundles a back office for your info and content, law firm specific website features, with unlimited high-speed hosting, and fully-managed infrastructure, security, speed optimization and support. It’s everything you for a top-notch law firm website, with far less hassles and requirements on you.


Easily manage Lawyer Bios, Practice Area descriptions, and Office locations right in your WordPress Admin Center. Clean tabs, simple fields, and one place for everything.


Lawyer Directories, Bio pages with vCards, Practice Area grids, Office pages with Google Maps and more. All automatically-populated from your latest Back Office content & data.


Cancel your hosting and never look back. All plans include unlimited-hosting on our high-speed network. All expertly managed and meticulously maintained by us. Simple.


Submit a support ticket, have us add or remove a new bio, update some photos, or publish blog posts, it's all included. We can also train staff to make some quick changes.


Our expert team secures your site with premium security tools, backup systems, 24/7 site monitors, and springs into action when needed. Forget about it. Your site and online reputation is well-protected with us.


A slow site can cost visitors and Google rank. We get blazing-fast websites with premium speed plugins, manual optimizations and ongoing monitoring to keep it loading fast.


FULLY-MANAGED SITE MAINTENANCE We handle all WordPress, plugin, and server updates with offline testing, uptime/blacklist monitoring, backup checks, hack cleanups, and everything else. Just leave it to us.


Everything starts with
well-structured firm data
and clean tools to manage it.

WordPess includes a wonderful backend tool for administering your site. We take it a big step forward with powerful tools built specifically for law firms. We’ve built and continuously improved these tools over the past decade while custom building dozens and dozens of law firm websites. We know what kind of information to store about your firm because your piers told us.


Name with prefix/suffice/nickname, title/position, email, direct line, cell, social media, images, practices, offices, languages, related staff or posts, biography, notable cases, admissions, education, credentials, affiliations, and more.


Full address, phone and fax numbers, directions, primary contacts, Google Maps, images.


Each practice or industry has its own detail page with a content, an except for summary information, and relationships to lawyers, industries, and news.


Highlight your experience with case studies, short- and long- form testimonials, and much more. Our pros can custom create any additional components.

Solid web platforms start with solid data schemes. It’s critical that we store your firms data in a way that accurately represents your law firm and allows for all the nuances of your industry. We’ve modeled out every major element of a law practice, defining each component, and creating a clean set of data fields to store every tidbit of information related to each. This data includes relationships to other data as well, like which Lawyers are in which Practice Areas.

We keep a sharp focus on making it very easy for your staff to manage firm data. The tools are easy to navigate, the purpose of each field and what type of data expected is clear, and with an aesthetically-pleasing interface. It’s easy enough for any entry-level staff or firm principal to use. Need to add a new lawyer? Easy. Change an office address? Done.

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Integrated Site Features

Advanced website features made easy with our firm-specific blocks. Every feature needed for a full law firm website: a searchable lawyer directory, detailed lawyer/staff bios with automatic vCards, practice area girds and detail pages, offices pages and more.

Best of all, every site feature is fully integrated with your Back Office data. The system automatically populates your entire site from the very latest information, so it’s always completely up to date, and changes only need to be made in one place. We can use pre-built blocks for fast deployment, modify them as needed, or build fully custom solutions to your specifications.

Grid, table, or list of all Lawyers with thumbnail, name, title, contact info and click for more with customizable search fields to filter.

Title, Name, Contact Info, Practice Areas they serve in, and Biographical information via number of fields such as Experience, Education, Notable Cases, Affiliations, Admissions, related Blog Posts and News, and more.

A directory via grid, table, or list of all the areas/industries the firm practices in and detail page for each.

Help attract top talent with simple content pages, accordion displays, integrated 3rd party systems or a custom solution specific to your firm's needs.

Assistants and Paralegals can easily be attached to Lawyers to show their contact info as well, if desired.  Staff can also have a directory and bio pages, including segmentation as needed such as displaying the senior management team.

Manage your locations in one place with addresses, phone, fax, maps, images, and list of Lawyers and primary contacts who work at that location.  Displays as a grid, table, or list of locations and a separate page for each if desired.

Show off your Leading Lawyers, Super Lawyers, Best Lawyer, or association badges in your footer or sidebar.  Simple tools make it easy to swap in new badges as they become available.

Easily entered collected testimonials including person and/or company and have them displayed in prominent places throughout your site.  Choose specific testimonials, show them randomly, or just the most recent.  We can make it work however needed to best tell your story.

Displaying recognizable logos of your most notable clients is a great way to establish credibility.  Easily add/edit/delete logos as needed which can be presented in a number of different ways such as grids, sliders, carousel or lists.

Demonstrate your experience and results via Case Studies.  Displays as an archive page of all Case Studies with title, excerpts and thumbnails which lead to full pages with complete write-up.

There are many ways the system can use Blog Posts to present a variety of non-hierarchal content.  We can use them as News Items only, or separated into sections and/or categories, or in many other ways depending on each firms specific needs.  However structured, all the elements can be associated with Lawyers and Practices and automatically displayed on those pages.

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If you only get one opportunity to make an impression, are you confident your brand is up to the task? The way you present your firm – the messaging and visuals displayed in your logo, your website, your business card, and all your firm’s communications – that is your brand. We are experts in building brands that helps our clients make a great impression the first time and every time. 

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